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Scoring the perfect vehicle with Canterbury Rugby

17 May 2024

Kiwi owned and operated NHR Group have strengthened their support for provincial rugby, joining forces with Canterbury Rugby ahead of this year’s Bunnings Warehouse NPC & FPC. 

NHR Group are the experts in commercial vehicle leasing and rentals with a huge range of trucks, vans, mini buses, and utes, along with a team of specialists well-equipped to address the unique needs of our customers in the South Island. 

“As we look to expand and take our brand to other parts of New Zealand, our drive to support provincial rugby has been a key focus from our board and chair, Andrew Ritchie. We saw the partnership as a no brainer, it was a quick and easy partnership for us to form, considering our existing branch in Christchurch.” said Phil Arras, NHR Group Chief Executive. 

"Not only is Canterbury Rugby a well-known, trusted organisation, their passion and values are really aligned with ours." Phil went on to say. 

Canterbury Rugby’s Head of Partnerships Glen Thawley echoed the alignment between the two organisations and said he’s looking forward to welcoming NHR Group to Canterbury. “They’re an inspiring organisation that want to deliver great service. Their passion for rugby is evident too with their current relationship with North Harbour and soon another provincial union. 

You’ll see NHR Group on the back of the Canterbury’s Bunnings Warehouse NPC & FPC shorts“. 

Score the perfect commercial vehicle with NHR Group.

See the Canterbury announcement on the Canterbury Rugby Union website.

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