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New Zealand's Largest Film Vehicle Fleet

For over a decade, NHR Groups's Film Division has proudly served the New Zealand and Global Film Industry, offering top-tier custom film trucks, versatile general vehicles, and a wide range of specialised options.

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Comprehensive Range - International standards

NHR Group's Film Division stands as the preferred choice for both New Zealand and International film companies seeking state-of-the-art on-location support. Our comprehensive fleet includes specialized Makeup, Wardrobe, Camera, AD/Office, and Greenrooms for the talent, All catering to the diverse needs of productions coming to New Zealand from across the world. Your quest for top-quality equipment and unmatched support ends here!

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Comprehensive Film Vehicle Range

Our state-of-the-art makeup, wardrobe, camera and greenroom vehicles along with our other specialised on location support and general trucks, vans and cars are sought after by international and New Zealand film companies.